Alternate Vape Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge (250mg CBD)

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  • Hemp e-Liquid
  • Pre-filled 1mL Cartridge
  • Natural Terpenes Flavor
  • THC Free
  • Made With All-Natural Ingredients for Health Vape Sessions
  • Contains No Nicotine
  • Uses Ceramic Cartridge for High-Quality Vaping
  • Contains No Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin
  • Uses MCT Oil (Derived From Coconut Oil)
  • Easily Absorbed Into the Body
  • Uses Tasty Flavors Such As Kush, Mint, and Citrus for a Variety of Effects
  • Lab-Tested and Guaranteed

Alternate Vape Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge (250mg CBD)

The Alternate Vape Pre-Filled Vape Cartridge (250mg CBD) makes it so that users can attach their cartridge to a vape battery and go! These pre-filled cartridges come with all of the benefits that their free oil comes with but in a much more convenient product offer.

It contains 250 milligrams per one-milliliter cartridge and the same great flavors, users can quickly meet their CBD needs more efficiently.


The benefits experienced in this product match those of their other CBD vape oil product including:

  • Help falling and staying asleep and eliminating nightmares
  • Stress relief and relief from anxiety
  • Better pain management in those who suffer from widespread pain like chronic pain or arthritis
  • A decrease in inflammation
  • Less seizures in those suffering from epilepsy
  • Better immune system over time
  • Improved mood and memory, especially in those suffering from issues like depression or neurological disorders


To begin, attach cartridge to a compatible vaporizer battery (510 thread). Breathe in through the mouthpiece throughout the day as needed.

Consumption with this product is a little trickier because there is no specific way to gauge how much you are taking in. The best way to use this product is to simply begin taking hits over time to see how it is affecting you.

If you find that you are not vaping enough, begin taking more puffs when you start using your pen. If you feel as though it is too much, cut down until you’ve reached an amount that does the job without causing any side effects.


  • MCT Coconut-Derived Oil
  • CBD
  • Phytocannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Flavor: Mint Extract or Kush Extract or Citrus Extract

Lab Results (COA)