Active CBD Shatter with Terpenes

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  • CBD Shatter
  • Added Terpenes
  • Easy to Dab
  • Contains No THC
  • Contains 95-97 Percent CBD Per Gram
  • Blends Together Real Cannabis Terpenes for Savory Experience
  • Contains No Fillers, Preservatives, Additives, or Solvents and Made From Non-GMO Hemp
  • Lab-Tested and Guaranteed

Active CBD Shatter With Terpenes

To get a clearer idea of what this product is, normal CBD shatter is shatter that is made from pure CBD extract to give the user a more potent and pure experience. With Active CBD Shatter With Terpenes, users get the experience of pure CBD along with the entourage effect provided by the terpenes, which help to enhance the overall experience. Containing near pure levels of CBD, Active CBD Shatter With Terpenes is the perfect product for those who are looking to make sure that they are only taking the substances they want to put in their body.


Some of the benefits that users have reported when taking Active CBD Shatter With Terpenes includes:

  • Relief from inflammation causing pain or normal swelling
  • Relief from pain in different areas around the body or chronic, widespread pain
  • Relief from nausea
  • A decrease in seizure activity in those with epilepsy
  • Improvement in mood in those with mood disorders
  • Improvement in activity in those with neurological disorders


The best thing about shatter is that it can be used in almost any application. For those who like to take their CBD while they're eating, Active CBD Shatter With Terpenes can be added to food or drink prior to consuming. For those who have skin issues or inflammation in joints, this product can be added to a base oil or lotion that will be rubbed on the skin.

Those who like to take it can put it in a capsule, take it as it is, or add it to an oil that can be placed under the tongue. It can even be vaporized! Because of its potency, it is recommended that users begin with one small crystal and work their way up as needed.


The only ingredients that go into this product are pure cannabidiol and hemp terpenes.

Lab Test COA