Active CBD Salve 4oz. (Super Strength)

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  • 1100mg
  • 4oz.
  • Apply as needed to affected area.
  • Contains No THC
  • Extra Strength for Users With Serious Health Conditions
  • Utilizes Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Contains Additional Herbal Extracts for Increased Natural Healing
  • Non-Greasy Formula Keeps Users Comfortable
  • Lab-Tested and Guaranteed

Active CBD Salve 4oz. (Super Strength)

The Active CBD Salve 4oz. (Super Strength) product is a topical CBD salve that can be used on the skin for a variety of different conditions. This 4oz. bottle contains approximately 1100 milligrams of CBD.

It comes packed with additional benefits that can be found in the herbal extracts that are added to it such as those from rosemary, arnica, and calendula. With a high dose of cannabidiol, a pleasant aroma and look, and a non-greasy feel that doesn’t bother the user, this salve is a great way to get the CBD that you need.


Some of the users who have tried the Active CBD Salve 4oz. (Super Strength) have reported benefits such as…

  • An improvement in pain management
  • Decreased anxiety or stress levels
  • Less severe headache or migraine symptoms
  • Decreased inflammation
  • An improvement in skin disorders
  • Helps to moisturize the skin and counteract dryness

Consumption (Application)

Active CBD Salve 4oz. (Super Strength) is very easy to use. To begin using this product, simply apply to the affected area one to three times per day or as needed. Experimentation will be necessary to determine how much salve will be required to treat the specific issue. If rash or irritation results as a side effect of using this product, discontinue use of the salve.


  • Hemp-Derived CBD
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Arnica Extract
  • Calendula Extract
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Organic Olive Oil

Lab Test COA