Vape Tanks

While vape tanks are an essential component of your vaping device, getting the right atomizer tank, as they are sometimes called, can be quite a challenge, for both newbie and expert vapers alike. This is due to the different types of vape tanks in the market today. 

This guide will provide the necessary information you need to know about vape tanks, which in turn will help you make the right choice when it comes to buying mod tanks. 

What are Vape Tanks?

A vape tank is simply a device that holds your ejuice and turns it into vapor through a heating mechanism. Vape tanks usually two important parts - a tank and a heating element or coil. While the tank helps to accommodate the liquid, the coil or the heating element heats the liquid and convert it into tasty vapors.

An atomizer tank, however, cannot work on its own because it relies on a mod battery for power. That’s why tanks come with a 510 threading which allows you to attach or screw them to any vaping unit that has a universal 510 connection. 


510 Thread Connection

A 510 thread connection describes the threading system that connects a vape tank to the box mod battery. This way, the battery will be able to supply power to the heating element for vaporization. 

The term 510 was derived from the length of the connector, which is 5mm and the number of threads, 10. Every 510 connector comes with a positive pin, a negative base & thread, and an insulator. All three components ensure that a firm connection is set. 

Atomizer Coils

An atomizer coil is a part of your tank that draws power from the battery and then heats the e-liquid, converting it to flavorful vapor which is, in turn, is inhaled by the user. Without this heating element, the tank itself becomes just an e-liquid storage container.

Some atomizer tanks use a coil-less heating system, while those that utilize coils can be single or dual. A single coil atomizer works like a dual coils atomizer, but the difference lies in their configuration. While a single coil system has one coil in its atomizer, the dual coils tank comes with two coils. 

Sub Ohm

The sub-ohm simply refers to a feature in a vape tank that allows you to use less than one ohm of resistance when vaping. This feature allows you the vaping device to produce a flavorful and denser cloud during sessions. However, they are only found in sub-ohm vapes.

Types of Vape Tanks

Vape tanks come in different designs and methods of operation. So the best way to buy the best atomizer is by understanding how each mod tank differs.  

Standard Mouth to Lung

Mouth to lung vape tanks, otherwise known as M2L or MTL vape tanks, are designed to function like cigarettes. It is called a mouth to lung because it involves two basic processes - take draws from the device into your mouth, and then inhale into your lungs just like regular smoking. These vape tanks are perfect for beginners who just joined the vaping community because of their relatively easy mode of operation. 

Sub Ohm Tank

Sub-ohm is one of the latest technology in the vaping industry, and many manufacturers are now integrating this system into their vaping units. A sub-ohm tank is like a regular vape tank, but its coils have lower resistance. In other words, sub-ohm vapes use less than one ohm of resistance to produce vapors. 

 With a sub-ohm tank, you are guaranteed of massive and flavorful vapor compared to what you get from a regular tank. Sub-ohm vapes and tanks are a great choice for cloud chasers who wants to enhance their creativity. 

Mesh Coil Tank

If you want quality vapor production while vaping, then mesh coil tanks should be your number one priority. A mesh coil tank has a thin metallic coil with little holes punctured in the entire coils, which makes the ejuice spreads evenly on the wick during vaporization. This ultimately preserves and improves the flavor and density of the vapor. 

Top Fill Tank

Top-fill vape tanks are easy-to-fill vape tanks that can be refilled without being detached from the device. To fill the tank, you just need to unscrew the top cover to reveal the tank, slightly bend the tank, and slowly fill it with your juice, letting it slide down. 

RDA Tank

RDA is an abbreviation for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. It is a type of rebuildable tank that allows you to remove the coil and replace it with any coil of your choice. You can build custom vape mods with an RDA tank, but this is strictly for advanced users who know what they are doing. 


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) is also a rebuildable tank system just like the RDA that lets you build your own coils for a more customized vaping experience. Many vapers have testified that they get premium flavors from RTAs. Again, this is also not suitable for beginners. 

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