Vape Pens

A vape pen is the solid reason portable vaporizers have become such a huge deal. Whether you want to vape on dry herbs, you want to dab some oil or you simply need a hit from your oil cartridge, a vaporizer pen is your best bet.

It seems like you can’t walk around without seeing at least one or two people with their lips against these devices. If you have your eye on a vape pen but are sitting on the fence on whether or not you should buy it, let’s take a look at some various options at your disposal and what experience they will provide for you!


What Is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a long, thin electronic device designed to vaporize substances so that you can inhale them in in a similar fashion to smoking. These slender devices are typically either just a battery or the battery and the atomizer. Some vape pens come pre-filled with a certain substance or give you the ability to fill the chamber with your own substance that you want to heat.

All you do is prep your material, turn on your device, and hit your pen as it heats up and releases the active ingredients through vapor. Its simplicity and ease of use is why it became so popular. It's also the reason why it may still be a great option for most, even in today’s competitive market. 



There are many benefits that come with using a vape pen over other vaporizer products. Here are a few of the major benefits that you can look forward to if you are considering a vaporizer pen. 


The problem with some vaporizers is that they are too large or too noticeable to go unnoticed. If you are in a situation where you have a hard time finding a place to vape without dealing with consequences, having a discreet device is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, the small and thin bodies of vape pens make them near undetectable to the untrained eye and make them easy to carry around or use discreetly as well. If you are trying to vape without attracting attention, a small cheap vape pen is the best product for you. 


No one wants to tote around a large vaporizer as this can be inconvenient as you search for a place to store it and have to make a scene when you bring it out each time. Vape pens are perfect as they are lightweight, extremely compact, and can be brought anywhere without having to worry about trying to find a place to store it as you carry it around. 

Save Money 

When it comes to vaporizer products, vape pens are much more affordable in comparison to other vaporizers. You can use these disposable product that you can easily throw away when you have finished using it. You can also just use a cheap vape pen product to get you through the day that you can take with you. Regardless, using a smoking pen won't have you worrying about breaking the bank. Even some of the better options are quite affordable! 

Help Quit Smoking

It’s no secret; smoking is harmful. This is mostly due to the combustion process involved with various poisonous and carcinogenic products. This causes  certain products to release the active ingredients that are inhaled through the smoke. With vaping, there is no smoke produced, just vapors. This can give individuals a safer alternative to getting their nicotine fix. Over time, it will help them reduce their nicotine intake over time, which helps lead many to quit smoking altogether. 


Types of Vape Pens

The only difference in today’s vape pen market and the pen market in earlier years is that we now have multiple different options for those who want to use other substances. When you are shopping around for a vape pen of your own, keep these three different vape pens in mind. 

Dry Herb Vape 

A dry herb vape pen is a vaporizer designed to handle herbs in place of oils. These vape pens will typically be a little wider as you will need to have a chamber large enough to handle ground herbs. It will also require enough space for the vapor to travel through. These vape pens are perfect for those who need a portable way to vape herbs like weed. 

Dab Vape Pen 

Dab rigs may be a great way to get your cannabis concentrates but are not useful ways to get them on the go. The solution? Dab pens are thin devices that give you the ability to vape your wax concentrates. You just have to scoop them onto the atomizer, turn your device on, and inhale as the extremely powerful battery heats your product. Vape pens for wax are a little smaller than herbal vaporizers but a little thicker than the traditional vape pen. 

Oil Vape Pen 

The oil vape pen is the type of vape pen that most people think of when they think of pens. These tiny products feature cartridges filled with e-liquids that are typically screwed into the device. Once installed, you can then usually operate your device with single-button controls until your cartridge runs out and needs to be refilled. 



Those who are just trying a smoking vapor product for the first time may have plenty of questions. Here is one of the most common questions asked by those who are just looking into vape pens. 

What If I Don’t Use e-Juice or e-Liquid? 

This would have typically been in a problem when the vape industry first started but is not one any longer. If you don’t use e-juice, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, such as dry herbs and wax concentrates.

When it comes to using herbs, you can easily provide more flavor by using other smokable herbs like lavender to simulate the flavors that you would get with a vape that uses e-juice. You may also be able to find herbs and wax mixed with other flavors. If your concern is in getting the right amount of nicotine, you could always vape dry herb tobacco instead of turning to liquid vapes. 

Vape pens are great for many reasons and are perfect if you are new to vaping. To get a more comprehensive overview of these products, use the guide above to learn more about what you should expect and what you should be looking for when you first start shopping for a vape pen of your own. 

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