e-Nail (Electronic Dab Rig)

Are you tired of vaping herbs or oils and looking for a new way to dab? If so, the good news is that there is a new device for those who prefer wax concentrates, the electronic dab rig.

Before electronic products hit the market, users were stuck with bulky dab rigs, which do not make it easy for you to take your dabs on the go. Now, vape enthusiasts can choose e-nails in their quest for a more portable experience.

Let's look at the last option on this list and help you learn more about these popular electronic dab products that are revolutionizing your dab experience. 


What is an e-Nail? 

We’ve all heard of dab pens and most of us have heard of honey straws, but what is an e-Nail?

An enail, better known as an electric dab rig, is an electronic device that helps to provide users with a more authentic dabbing experience. An e nail rig is much more compact than a traditional rig. It features a more secure and well-built body (mostly void of glass where it is unnecessary). It will typically make the process of using water in the dabbing process easier. Since you are dealing with an electric dab nail, you also don’t have to worry about using a blowtorch or other external heat source to use your device. 



Using an e-nail can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons as to why you may choose an e-nail dab over other dabbing options. 


For those who are used to smoking e-liquids or herbs, smoking has almost always been a portable experience. Small pipes and vape pens have been available to these individuals for as long as they have been using these substances.

For dabbers, however, many have been stuck with large dab rigs. Using a dab rig on the go can be near impossible as you will need to fill up their base with water and have a blowtorch on you in order to get started. This doesn’t even take into account the process of pulling out your wax material and loading it into your rig while tending of the rig itself. Put simply, they're are not suitable tools for portable vaping. 

E-nails, on the other hand, are miniaturized, electronic adaptations of the dab rig that eliminate the need for many of the tools that go into traditional dabbing. With a compact dab machine, all you have to do is pull it out, turn it on, and load the material to begin vaping.

It is this portability that makes them popular among dab enthusiasts who want a high-quality experience without having to deal with the issues that using other devices can't create. 

Precise Temperature Control

Enail dabs allow you to take back that control by providing you with precision temperature controls that allow you to set and track temperatures on your device. When you have these capabilities, you will begin to learn that your concentrates will actually produce different textures and flavors as temperatures change. For the true concentrate connoisseur, this is an absolute must!  



Using an e nail over a dab rig can be an interesting experience and one that is filled with questions as you learn more about your new device, how to use it, and what it is capable of. To clear up some of the bigger questions you may have regarding your electronic dab nail, here are a couple of the most commonly asked questions and their answers. 

Difference Between eNail and Dab Rig

If you’ve ever used a dab rig, you will immediately notice the difference between the two products. A dab rig is a large glass piece containing complex water filtration systems that help to cool down and filter your vapor as they travel throughout your device. Because of their size (even the smaller ones can be relatively difficult to handle), they make for difficult pieces to use on the go.

E-nails, on the other hand, are small, electronic devices that include the same elements but without the large body or exaggerated heating mechanism. E-nails instead focus on the portable convenience by shrinking down water tubes, heating your nail with batteries, and making the body as light as possible.

Low Temp. Vs High Temp. Dabbing

With the ability to choose your temperatures comes the question of what temperatures you should be dabbing at. Fortunately enough, these questions are easy to answer.

Low-temperature dabbing provides you with a more flavorful experience, cooler vapors to lessen harsh throat hits. It also helps to prevent certain chemicals from being burned and inhaled with your hits. High-temperature dabbing provides you with powerful, intense hits, helps you to waste less material as everything is boiled at higher heat levels, and allows you to get higher faster. Keep these differences in mind when you begin using your e-nail. 

If you want a portable solution to your issues, use the information above as incentive to invest in an e-nail that will give you a device you can use on the go while you save your dab rig for home bound situations.