e-Cigarette (Oil Vape Pens)

Smoking has become an integral part of the lives of many individuals, and while some are addicted to this act, many are just getting started. The sensation and satisfaction most people get from smoking is what keeps them in the loop and have made them include smoking in their diet. While some are just learning how to hold the cigarette properly for a quick puff, others are exploring better alternatives to tobacco and cigarettes such as electric cigarettes. 

Here, we will be talking about electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigarette and certain things you should know about them. The idea behind e-cigarettes is to create an experience similar to smoking. The act is called vaping, and a lot safer and more convenient than traditional smoking.

What are e-Cigarettes?

Electronic/electric cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert aerosols or cannabis oils into clean vapors for people to inhale. This aerosol usually contains nicotine or non-nicotine solutions, flavors, and other additives. The exciting thing about e-cigs is how they are made to be very similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, pipes, and cigars.

Notwithstanding their look or design, these devices are made to function in the same manner, and most of them are made with very similar components. Not only do they imitate the traditional cigars and tobacco in look and feel, but also in pleasure and experience. 

The whole essence is to produce the same effect you would get, but without producing smoke and harmful toxins. It's more or less like efficient smoking. Some alternative names for electronic cigarette are e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, oil vaporizers, vapor cigarettes, etc.

Benefits of Vapor Cigarettes

While there are new claims that e-cigs do cause almost the same health risks caused by smoking, e-cigarettes still remain the best alternative to traditional smoking and other forms of regular nicotine consumption. 

Aside from merely helping to fight the addiction of smoking, here are some of the benefits of using vapor cigarettes over tobacco.

Control over Nicotine

Electric cigarettes offer you the best method to regulate your nicotine intake. The amount of nicotine in most of the e-cigs used is 54% less than what you will find in a traditional cigarette. This helps many people to fight the addiction of smoking while they still get the sensation and excitement they would have gotten from smoking a pack of cigarettes.

While some e-cigs contain nicotine, others use non-nicotine solutions, producing the same feeling and pleasure one would derived from smoking tobacco, which helps to improve the health conditions of users. 

When you purchase a vapor cigarette, you will see the rating and the level of nicotine strength. You can use this reading to monitor your intake of nicotine until you eventually stop or reduce to something lighter if you want.


Unlike regular smoking, electric cigs do not produce any odor, thanks to their heating techniques. The only smell you would perceive would be that of the aerosol and the flavor of the cannabis used. Aside from those, you should not get any offensive smell. To this end, it makes it very convenient to smoke it in a public place without causing any disturbance or drawing attention to yourself.

No Ash

Conventional smoking produces ash due to the combustion of the ingredients and paper, but you don’t need to worry about ash when you use an oil vaporizer. Once you can recharge the battery and refill the cartridge pen, you are good to enjoy clean vapors. 

Types of e-Cigs

E-cigarettes have been around for quite a while now, and there are so many brands in the market today. However, each e-cig in the market falls into any of these categories. 

Oil Vape Pen

Oil vaporizers are relatively new in the market, but they have proven to be very efficient when it comes to vaping. Oil vape pens are battery-powered devices used for vaping cannabis oil. These oils come in different vapor cartridges and flavors. 

A regular oil vape pen features a battery to power the entire device, a tank for the oil, an atomizer that helps transform the oil into vapor and a sensor that helps to regulate the operation of the vape pen.  


Cig-a-likes are the earliest generation of e-cigarettes. Even though they are relatively old, they are still very famous and loved by many. Part of the reasons why they still gain popularity amongst e-cig is that they look very much like real cigarettes, but they appear more prominent and are disposable. 

Vape Starter Kit

A vape starter kit is for beginners looking to start vaping right away. The vape starter kit provides you with all the essentials required to begin your vaping experience immediately. The idea of the starter kit is to give you a rich experience within a short time of setup. There are different components you will have to learn about and piece together to get started.

A typical complete vape starter kit should contain a personal vaporizer, an atomizer, a vaping tank, a charging cable, and the vape parts. In most cases, some electronic vaporizers can also contain batteries while a few would need you to buy the batteries separately as it is not included in the pack.

Advanced e-Cigarettes

The advanced e-cigarette is pretty much the same with the regular vaporizer only that it features a bulkier, bigger, and more sophisticated design and operation, which makes them suitable for only advanced vapers. Mostly, it looks just like the regular vape pen, but when it’s time for use, the modified features come to play.

The whole idea of advanced e-cigarettes is to provide that extra detail that you would never get in a regular vaping pen. For example, the advanced feature might come in the form of a bigger, longer-lasting battery. It could also come in the form of a powerful atomizer with a more efficient and faster heating mechanism, or it could just be that the refillable tank has come a larger capacity. 

Whatever way they choose to come in, you can be sure you would never find these features in your regular vaping pen or cig-a-likes.

How to Use an Oil Pen

Oil pens are straightforward to operate. The first thing you have to ensure is that the battery of your device is fully charged, then fill your cartridge pen with your preferred cannabis oil. If you're using a disposable or a pre-filled oil vape pen, then proceed to activate the device. 

Turn on the vape pen by clicking on the power button three or five times, depending on the brand you are using. Some vaporizers come with separate buttons for toggling through the different heat settings while others require you to use the power button. Select your preferred temperature and start vaping by inhaling through the mouthpiece. Some of the newest oil vaporizers are buttonless and only require a draw to activate the heating mechanism.


How Oil Pens are Different from Wax Pens

There are apparent differences between oil pens are wax pens. While oil vape pens are designed for vaping cannabis oils, wax pens are used for vaping wax concentrates. It can be quite confusing because even oils are concentrates. However, cannabis oils are thick liquid while wax concentrates have candle-like texture, depending on the consistency of the type of concentrate you have. 

What is the Variable voltage?

Variable voltage is a term used to describe the different levels of power you can apply to your e-cig depending on the overall experience you want. A higher voltage generally means thicker vape clouds, but a lower voltage will give you rich flavors and thin vapors. 

Do e-Cigs Contain Nicotine?

E-cigs are made to emulate real cigarettes/tobacco, and for this to happen, they must contain some of the essential ingredients to give off the same level of pleasure and satisfaction. The beauty of e-cigs is that they do not contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes. Research has shown that they have about 54% less amount of nicotine compared to regular tobacco.

Luckily, some electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine at all. They provide non-nicotine solutions which makes them great for those who want to completely avoid nicotine intake.