Dry Herb Atomizers

Heating chambers are the perfect vape part that is going to make the biggest difference in your vapor quality. A lot of portable dry herb vaporizers come with the option to switch out your herbal atomizer. 

What is a Dry Herb Atomizer?

Dry herb atomizers aren't that much different from your standard electronic cigarette or even glass nectar collector. There's a heating element involved designed to effectively and efficiently heat up your product of choice as well as an appropriate chamber to hold everything inside. Electronic cigarettes use a wick to pull up e-liquid into the heating element (direct contact between e-liquid and heating element). Dry herb vaporizers house your herb in a chamber separate from the coil or heating element itself maintaining an indirect approach to heating your bud.

The main reason for keeping the herbs separate from the heat source is to basically prevent it from burning up or combusting which are a no-no when it comes to vaping. The trick with vaping is that the herb is slowly and indirectly heated up. This way all of the active compounds that we're after are effectively released in the form of vapor without combusting the leaf.

There are also herbal heating atomizers that house the coil in the chamber. This causes the the herb to come in direct contact which burns the herb. However, this gives you the mid step between vaping and smoking. It's not exactly smoke that is formed but it's not full vapor.


Benefits of an Herbal Atomizer? 

Why go through all this just to use a dry herb vaporizer tank? Why vape at all when smoking herb is easier? Well, there are what you might call perks. Any one of which being good enough reason to make the switch over to vaping. 

Better for You

The bottom line is that burning anything and inhaling the resulting smoke isn't going to do any wonders for your respiratory and cardiovascular health. Contrary to popular belief, the smoke that you're inhaling isn't purely only the active ingredient. Only 12% of the inhaled smoke containing active compounds released by the combusted herb.

This leaves 88% of the inhaled smoke which holds a multitude of potential carcinogens. Since using a dry herb atomizer to vape, it effectively avoids burning or combusting the herb. Smoke is not released or inhaled making it a much better alternative health wise when it comes to enjoying your herb.

More Discreet

No doubt anyone reading this will be quite familiar with the characteristic smell which results from smoking different herbs. Some of us are blessed with living situations that don't necessarily make this an issue in our day to day lives. Others have to contend with neighbors, roommates, or housemates that might not be happy whenever you choose to light up that blunt thanks to the resulting smoke and stench.

The good news is that vaping your weed is also an effective workaround to this problem as it has a much reduced impact. It helps when there's no smoke and only being produced with vapor clouds being relatively less obtrusive. Vaping your weed also produces a lot less odor in comparison. People around you will definitely catch a whiff of it, but its definitely a lot less when compared to the odor produced when smoking marijuana. It's also easier to hide the smell since vapor dissipates quickly. Smoke is thicker and tends to stick around longer.

Pair these benefits with the fact that most dry herb vape tanks are virtually indistinguishable from regular electronic cigarettes. You've potentially got a nice stealth setup which can be really convenient when traveling. It's also good when living in a household with less than tolerant housemates.

Significantly Better Flavor

When's the last time you've tried eating something that was totally burnt and thought to yourself “wow this tastes good”? 99.99% of the time the answer is going to be never. The same principle applies itself to smoking vs vaping your dry herbs. While your herb still manages to exhibit a small portion of its flavor when smoked, it's true nature shines when carefully heated in a vaporizer. You're able to appreciate the true flavor. The difference is practically night and day. It is often worth the transition to vaping for most former smokers.

Save Money Long-Term

It's understandable that most would-be vapers are potentially turned off by the rather high entry point to vaping. Most quality dry herb atomizers cost around $10-$20. The real payoff is how much cash vaping can save you in the long term. 

The savings stem from how much more effective vaporizers are when it comes to releasing the active ingredient. Smoking releases about 20% of compound into smoke. Vaping has a much higher conversation rate. This means that you're getting more than double from the same amount of herbs. This results in a dramatic decrease of weed consumption on a day to day or month to month basis.

Once you buy a good vaporizer or even atomizer, you won't need to keep spending money. Smoking requires you to buy lighters and if your glass pipe or water pipe break, you will need to shell out money on more.

Dual Use Atomizer

While picking up a dedicated dry herb atomizer is always a good thing especially if you're new to vaping, it's often a better idea to purchase a dual or multi-purpose atomizer instead. Not only will you get to enjoy the benefits of dry herb vaping, you'll also have access to the vast variety of concentrates available for sale in your area.

Examples of such concentrates are wax, hash oils, and shatter. All of these are highly concentrated extracts meaning that they're packing a substantial punch with every puff (i.e. you can get really baked). While these aren't ideal mediums for sharing, they're great for vapers who tend to vape all by their lonesome. The quick delivery definitely hits fast and hard and is always recommended as a must-try in every vapers lifetime.


How to Use a Dry Herb Vape Tank?

The first and most important step to effectively using a dry herb vaporizer is picking the right one for your needs and budget. There's a lot of technology revolving around these things which keep continuously evolving so it can be difficult to stay up to date with some of the changes ongoing for those who are new to the tech. But for starters there are only a few factors to consider before making your first purchase.


Different Types of Herbal Atomizers?

Most manufacturers go by the 510 thread connection which is the standard threading around the industry. There are other sizes and even adapters to make them all connect. There is no one that is better than the other, but 510 is more universal. You're likely going to run into it more than others.

510 Thread

Whether it's a vape pen for wax or e-liquids, 510 thread is the most common. Having a 510 thread battery means you can go and buy a replacement from a local shop without having to buy a new battery. 510 thread atomizers are much more widely made.

Ceramic Dry Herb Atomizers

Ceramic is the best material in an herbal chamber because of it's inert. This means it won't change or produce any nasty flavors to the herbs vapor. Even though ceramic can be fragile, it has a very high resistance. Not only does it more each draw more robust but it's the most efficient material to use.

Sub-ohm atomizer

Although there aren't many right now, more sub-ohm dry herb atomizer tanks are becoming prevalent. Sub-ohm is when you lower the resistance to less than 1 ohm. This increases the power output.of fixed voltage vapes. The result is a bigger plume or vapor.


Conduction or Convection type Oven?

Vaporizers that use conduction type ovens are typically cheaper than their convection counterparts. The tradeoff is that conduction vaporizers aren't able to vape as much herb in the chamber thanks to the limited surface area available. 

Since convection type vaporizers rely on heating up the air surrounding your bud within the chamber, they're not limited by the surface area at all which means you're able to load up the chamber a bit more generously while still getting a consistent vape.

Components Inside

The quality and build of the materials used can also play a large part in how your vaporizer performs. A large variety of materials are used to build the oven which varies from model to model. Most basic vaporizers use a ceramic chamber due to the cleaner flavor it yields but more and more recent releases are leaning towards quartz which those on the cutting edge of vape tech wholeheartedly swear by. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to getting a vaporizer that works and won't suddenly conk out on you mid-use. Don't forget that when making a budget-minded decision when it comes to your first vaporizer.

Charging up the Vaporizer

Most if not all popular models nowadays are electrically powered by an internal battery instead of butane. It's always a good idea to fully charge your device as soon as you get it. While you might be tempted to try and vape on it straight out of the package, keep in mind that these things are barely holding a charge so it's likely that you won't get a proper vaping experience straight out of the box.

Grind up your Herb

While most vaporizers can still work just fine with straight unground weed, properly grinding your herb prior to placing it in the chamber ensures that your vaporizer works best. The evenly distributed herb will heat up quicker and more evenly, producing more vapor without overworking the oven or the battery. 

While the impatient types can get away without grinding when vaping on a convection type device, it's almost mandatory to grind your herb up first when vaping with a conduction type vaporizer as this ensures maximum coverage of the ovens surface area by the herb. Failing to do so might result in unevenly vaped weed with combustion or burning a possibility

Set the Temperature

While you might be tempted to blast your herb at the highest setting possible for your first vaping session, that's often not the way to get the most out of your bud. We recommend setting the temperature

 to around 300 degrees and slowly make your way up from there. If the vapor is starting to taste a little off or burnt, that's a good sign that you've set the temp way too high and need to dial it back down a bit.

It needs mentioning that there's no tried-and-true setting that can easily apply to all situations. Different strains of bud will inevitably have varying moisture contents and thus release their active cannabinoids at different temperatures. It's always a good idea to play it safe when it comes to finding the correct temperature for your bud of choice so you can find your own personal sweet spot.

Store your Vaped up Bud

After you're done vaping, wait for the device to cool first before attempting to open it and access the contents of the chamber. These things get pretty hot and its pretty easy to burn yourself if you're not careful. After setting your vaporizer aside for around 10 minutes or so waiting for it to cool down, don't throw away you're used up weed! While it might be useless for vaping, there are still a bunch of cool things you can do or make with up vaped up weed.

Teas and tinctures are an easy way to use up old bud. While they may not provide the same high or cerebral effects as fresh herb, they can still offer a calming and relaxing effect when made properly. Edibles are also an easy and effective way to get the most of your old weed. Churn that bud, make it into canna-butter, whatever you do, don't just throw it away!


Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank Size

While a large majority of dry herb vaporizers are compact and portable which make them ideal for frequent use even when outside your home, there are situations where a bigger device would be more beneficial. Desktop vaporizers are a good option especially if you find yourself in a situation where you smoke with friends and its become too much of a hassle to keep refilling the relatively tiny chamber of a portable device.

Since desktop vaporizers use a direct current from your wall outlet instead of a rechargeable battery, they can also be used continuously without needing to stop and recharge making them an ideal solution for vaporizing bud in larger groups and parties. A major disadvantage of desktop vaporizers is that they're a lot more expensive than your typical handheld setup. It's also a given that desktop vaporizers don't offer the convenience and portability that most compact handheld vaporizers have.


How to Clean Your Atomizer

Probably the most important step in making sure that your vaporizer continues to perform without a hitch is taking the extra time to keep it clean. The parts that need the most cleaning are usually the herb chamber itself as well as the mouthpiece which includes the airflow chimney inside. h

Use a small brush to gently brush away any debris or residue that might have gotten stuck inside the chamber. As for cleaning the mouthpiece and airflow channels, a small q-tip can be effective in clearing out any debris that could potentially block or gunk up the airflow.

Make sure that your hands and tools are completely dry before attempting any of this as even the smallest possibility of liquid leaking into the internals of your vaporizer can lead to shorting or frying the internal chip used to control temperature. If you're having trouble getting rid of any gunk that might have found itself inside the mouthpiece, try soaking it in a warm solution of dish soap and water. This should help dislodge any debris. Just make sure to properly rinse and dry the mouthpiece before attempting to use it with the device once again.


Dry Herb Atomizer vs. Wax Atomizer

The difference between dry herb atomizers and wax atomizers is basically the cannabis materials they are designed for. Although you can use both atomizers on a vape box mod, a dry herb tank is used for vaping dry marijuana plants and a wax atomizer is used for vaping concentrates and cannabis extracts. 

Will Dry Atomizers Work With a Vape Mod?

Yes, weed vape tanks with a 510 threading work perfectly well on all 510 compatible vape mods. 

Do Dry Herb Vapes Have Coils? 

Some dry herb vape carts have coils in them, while others use a coil-less heating system. The coils are usually made of different materials like ceramic, quartz, and titanium, but those made of ceramic are usually the best because they produce a more pristine and natural flavor compared to other materials. Also, the herbs in weed carts have direct contact with the heating system, unlike regular vape pens that heat the material with hot air.

Can You Use a Wax in a Dry Herb Vape Tank

No, you shouldn't use your dry herb vape tank to vaporize wax oils, unless, of course, you're using special dual compatible atomizers like the sub herb dry herb vape tank which supports both wax and herbs. Dual-purpose atomizers are perfect for anyone who likes switching between dry plants and cannabis oils as it will save them money.