Dab Pens (Wax Pen)

In this day and age, you will agree that dab pens and wax vaporizers have become more popular than they were a few years ago. There are two reasons for this - concentrates are stronger than herbs, and everyone wants a more convenient method of dabbing, especially since we live in a fast-paced world. 

What is a Dab Pen 

A wax vape pen or a dab pen is an electronic battery operated device that is used to vaporize concentrates and wax without causing any combustion. Dab vaporizers are powered by rechargeable batteries. Although they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, dab vape pens are portable, which makes them very mobile and convenient for daily use on the go.

While these wax pens are made specifically for concentrates, there are some wax vaporizers that you can use to vape different materials such as dry herbs and e-juices. 


Aside from being a modern and trendy method of consuming wax, dab pens offer many benefits over traditional dabbing methods like the use of rig. This, of course, does not mean that dabbing rigs and bongs have become completely useless - they will also have their place in the heart of a true dabber. 


Despite the different shapes and sizes, dab pens are compact devices that you can easily conceal in your palm or pocket. The average wax vape pen looks like a regular whiteboard marker, which makes them great for outdoor use. You can quietly take quick draws from the unit without bringing unwanted attention to yourself. 

Flavor Quality 

Dab pens have different temperature settings that allow you to find the best temperature that produces quality flavors. Some wax pens come with three settings while others have up to five. It’s great having the opportunity to experiment with each of the temperatures, a feature which is not included in a traditional dabbing rig system. 

Temperature Control 

Nothing breaks the heart of a dabber like having dry or burnt hits. Thanks to Temperature Control (TC), you can completely avoid such scenarios. Temperature Control is a technology that prevents the dab pen from heating higher than the desired temperature. Aside from being a solution to dry hits, changing the temperature setting helps to create consistent vaping and longer draws at the same temperature without getting hotter. 

Ease of Use 

Dab pens are very easy to use, and usually don’t require any technical knowledge. With just a few clicks on the device after loading your dabs into the coil, you can start vaping right away. Some wax vaporizers have multiple buttons for turning on/off and toggling through the temperatures, while others are controlled with a single button, which works as power and temperature button. 

Types of Wax Coils

Coils are basically the most important part of wax vape pens. The coil is the component inside the atomizer. It is where the concentrates get vaporized. They are made from different materials such as ceramic, quartz, and titanium.

The type of coil a wax vaporizer has will affect the vapor production, the quality of the flavor, and the overall vaping experience. With the increased competition in the market today, some manufacturers now include different types of coils in their wax pen to give users the freedom to choose their favorite. 


Wick coil is the part of an atomizer that absorbs less viscosity oils and then transfer it to the heating coil for vaporization. Just picture how an old oil lamp uses wick to absorb the oil up to the flame. It is the same concept. The earliest versions of wax vaporizers used wick coils. Wick coils are made from different materials like silica and organic cotton, wrapped with stainless steel or titanium wires. 

Wick coils have low-temperature control; hence, the quality of the vapor produced is usually quite poor compared to coils made from other materials. Using this type of coil requires replacement every 2 to 3 weeks. It’s quite hard to find a wax pen using this type of coil nowadays. 


A quartz coil is simply a quartz rod wrapped with titanium metal. Quartz coils have a fast heat-up time and high-temperature resistance, which help to produce denser clouds. Dab pens with quartz coils take about 5 to 10 second to heat up to the desired temperature. The downside of quartz coils, however, is that they have poor heat retention, so users will have to fire their device almost all the time to vape. 


A ceramic coil is a high food-grade metal wrapped around a ceramic rod. Many vapers prefer ceramic coils over other types of coils because of its great heat retention properties. Ceramic coils also give users a range of temperature control like dabbing at a lower temperature or at a higher temp. However, ceramic coils have slow heat-up time, and they produce less dense vapors. 


Titanium coils are durable and heat faster than both ceramic and quartz coils. It has a fast heat time and great heat retention properties, which makes it perfect for longer dabbing session on a wax vaporizer. Titanium coils are only suitable for wax dab pens with temperature control technology because, without temperature control, you stand the chance of burning your concentrates to release toxins. 


What are Dabs?

Dabs is a generic name for all forms of concentrated extracts. Dabs are not the same as dry herbs even though they are also produced from plants. Some popular examples of dabs include oil, shatter, budder, wax, and live resin.

Difference Between a Dab Pen and Wax Vaporizer 

A dab pen and a wax vaporizer are one and the same. They are designed for the vaping of dab concentrates. They just have different names because the material used has different words that synonymous

Do Dab Pens Smell? 

Yes but very slightly. Using a dab pen around others have used wax will be able to tell the smell but to someone who is not used it, they might not notice. However, there is a light smell to the vapor of the wax vape pen, but the smell doesn't linger around for too long.