CBD Wax Concentrates & Distillate

Those in the cannabis community usually focus on one thing when it comes to their cannabis products: potency. The more THC that is found in a cannabis product results in an improved and intensified cannabis experience. While potency is generally emphasized in the community, some users of CBD may also be concerned about the concentration of CBD in their products. Some may believe that the doses are too low and that they only experience the benefits of CBD when they take much higher doses than normally found in products. Fortunately, there are CBD products out there that contain higher concentrations of the substance so that you can partake in higher CBD consumption.These are waxes and distillates.

What are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are specific cannabidiol products that contain much higher levels of CBD than the average product. This gives users the ability to take higher doses of CBD without having to take an excessive amount. There are different kinds of CBD concentrates likes waxes and distillates. 

Benefits of Dabbing Cannabidiol

You may be thinking to yourself, what is dabbing? To put it simply, dabbing is the process of vaporizing and inhaling the active ingredients. This is done through the use of special devices and high temperatures. This method provides many more benefits than traditional ways.

Faster Absorption

Even when you use certain methods of CBD consumption that are known for their quick absorption, these benefits are often made less by the fact that there is a lower amount of CBD in the product. Because CBD concentrates contain much higher levels of CBD and also utilize one of the fastest CBD consumption methods, there is a faster absorption of the CBD in the blood stream. This makes it a great product for those who want fast-acting benefits.

More Efficient

Are you someone who needs coffee in the morning in order to get ready for the day? If so, ask yourself, are you going to reach for the coffee that has less caffeine and drink multiple cups or for the one that has significantly more caffeine that you drink less of? If you are like most people, you are going to want to get a coffee that has more caffeine as it is much more efficient than one that has less. The same principle applies to CBD concentrates over regular cannabidiol products as CBD waxes contain much higher levels of CBD. 


For some, the amounts of CBD contained in regular CBD products may not be enough cannabidiol for those who are in need of the supposed benefits. Therefore, when they use it, they don’t receive as powerful of an effect or may feel almost nothing at all. A CBD concentrate may be able to give users the more powerful kick they need to combat the health problems that they are currently experiencing.

Different Types of Concentrates

CBD concentrates come in several different forms. Here are the three main types of concentrates that your CBD will be formed into.


CBD wax concentrates are a type of concentrate that have a waxy, easily manipulated form and melt easily when heat is applied to it. This is the most common type of concentrate that is used for dabbing. It is also one of the most common concentrates that you are most likely to encounter when you begin your search.


Unlike wax, shatter refers to a concentrate that has a much harder, glass-like consistency. Shatter is generally much more potent than other types of concentrates. It will require much more intense heat it in order to melt it down and vaporize it. While wax is great for dabbing and can be used in almost any kind of wax vaporizer, shatter will most likely require the use of a dab rig. It is capable of holding the substance and handling the long periods of intense heat that are needed to melt down the shatter.


Crumble is aptly named because of its characteristic crumbling when handled. Unlike the other substances, crumble is produced by removing a solvent. Then you whipping the concentrate when it is exposed to high heats.

Since crumble is easy to break down, it is one of the few concentrates that could be vaporized or added to certain smoking products. It can then be heated up and inhaled along with whatever substance you may be smoking. 

Benefits of CBD Wax

Besides the supposed health benefits that we are going to mention below. There are also several benefits that come with using the substance itself. Here are some of the benefits that come with using wax.

  • CBD wax is very portable and comes in a highly concentrated form. This means that you have to carry less of it around with you and only have to use a little bit to receive the desired benefits. In addition, if you choose to use a portable vaporizer, you will also have constant access to your cannabidiol and will be able to use it on the go.
  • When CBD is in a wax form or in one of the other forms listed above, there is a much higher concentration of CBD in the substance. The vaporization process is considered to be one of the most effective delivery methods as the vapor is inhaled into the lungs and delivered right into the bloodstream. This provides widespread relief in a matter of seconds without having to take massive amounts of it in different forms.
  • Most of our customers have reported quicker effects  while using waxes and distillates. For example, people looking to get help with insomnia, taking a quick dab will help them get to sleep quicker.
  • CBD oils, edibles, and body creams are great but the cannabidiol that is often contained in them can contain other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Some may not want this and would prefer that they are taking strictly CBD. With isolate CBD wax, there is a much higher level of CBD. You also know that you are receiving the benefits based on the substance that you are seeking to take rather than taking in some CBD with a variety of different plant substances.

Terpenes Can Enhance your Experience

To put it simply, terpenes are fragrant compounds that help to give a plant, fruit or herb its unique smell. Terpenes react differently with different cannabinoids and despite the changes in fragrance, terpenes also react with receptors in the body as well as the cannabinoids to provide a variety of experiences. Although those looking for CBD waxes are seeking to remove all other active ingredients, those who may be trying to get the benefits of the hemp plant should consider how terpenes and other plant matter work together to enhance your experience

Although wax concentrates are often something that are sought after by cannabis users, they are also valuable forms of cannabidiol as well. If you are curious about CBD wax concentrates but don’t know enough to make an educated decision, use the article above to learn more about CBD concentrates and how they may be able to help you.

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