CBD Vape Oil

Those who turn to CBD as a form of treatment for whatever health problem they may be facing, they often do so because they are in need of quick relief. However, some of the CBD products on the market take a little bit longer to work and may not be helpful for those who have a problem such as insomnia or a pain disorder. After jumping online, many discover that there is a CBD consumption method that is much more effective than the other forms: vaping. However, vaping can be slightly worrisome for some users as they may not know a lot about the process or what CBD oil is. If you have any questions about vaping CBD, we will address them in this article and provide you with a better idea of what you will be dealing with if you choose to go the vaping route.

What Are CBD Vape Oils?

CBD vape oils are exactly that, vape oils that contain CBD. Whereas most vape oils are designed for flavor or will include nicotine to help those that are looking to quit smoking accomplish this, CBD is instead added to the formula to help those who want the benefits of the CBD oil take it in much more quickly using the vaping method. Another question may be brought about in this section and that is, what is vaping? Vaping is the process of heating up a substance to such a point that the active ingredients contained within the substance are vaporized and can then be inhaled. Vaping is much safer than smoking due to the lack of smoke produced and it is very simple to do as most devices that use CBD vape oils simply require you to press a button and inhale.

How to Pick the Best Vape Oil

Although all vape oils will do, there are some things that you need to look out for when you are looking for your vape oil. Here are some of those characteristics that will help you to pick the best vape oil.

Is the Oil Clear or Cloudy?

All vape oils should be clear. Even though there is an added substance to the oil, this should not affect the overall look. If your vape oil is cloudy, it may indicate that it is tainted or that the ingredients are not as pure as they should be. If you are looking for vape oils, only purchase those that are clear. Cloudy oils are indicative of a major issue.

Is It Mixed Properly?

Although it is not common among products that are popular, there are some vape products in which the different layers of oil may separate due to issues with the mixing process. When this happens, you cannot properly dose your vaping cartrdige and will struggle to get enough CBD oil into your cartridge. Your vape oil should be mixed so that all components are together, not separated.

Has It Been Tested?

There is one issue with CBD that does not affect the THC market and this is the significant lack of research. Because of this lack of research, there is less regulation and less knowledge out there, making it easier for some manufacturers to get away with making products that do not live up to the standards of other CBD products. Make sure that your product is tested by trusted sources to avoid buying a product containing little to no CBD or one that could potentially hurt you rather than help you.


It’s not hard to see why CBD vape oil may be more beneficial than other CBD products but it can be amazing to some just how many benefits exist. Here are some of the most notable benefits that come with using CBD vape oil in place of other CBD products.

Quickly Vape It

CBD vape oil is easily used and you can quickly vape it whenever you feel as though you need a dose of CBD. This makes it more desirable over other forms of CBD that have to be consumed or absorbed and may take a while in order to go through those process. All you have to do is pull out your vape and take a puff whenever you need relief from what it is that is affecting you.


Smoking is very noticeable. Everyone sees you lighting up and taking puffs of the cigarette and even if you manage to do that in private, there is still the issue of the overwhelming smell that accompanies the activity. Although vaping does produce clouds, they are much less noticeable than smoke clouds, you can easily hide your vape once you are done with a session, and the only smell that will be leftover is a slightly pleasant aroma that may linger for a bit after the activity is done. Overall, vaping is much more discreet than other types of smoking activities.

Quicker Absorption

When you consume CBD, it can take a while for it to reach the body, which can be something that those with severe health problems cannot afford. Vaping CBD allows the active ingredients to be brought into the lungs and they are delivered throughout the bloodstream almost immediately. When the CBD hits the system faster, you will be able to experience relief faster as well.

Vape Almost Anywhere

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma that surrounds vaping. That being said, it is also being embraced by more and more people and vaping is becoming the new replacement for smoking. Because of this development, you should be able to vape almost anywhere, making it a desirable option for those who want to take CBD on the go and use it throughout their day.

Higher Purity

CBD oils contain much higher levels of CBD than other forms of CBD and they will also be purer since they will have to go through certain processes in order to be separated from the rest of the hemp plant. A higher purity means a better dose and improved benefits.

Less Ingredients Mixed

Other CBD products can include quite a few ingredients. While these ingredients may not always interact with the CBD, some may function in such a way that they attach to the cannabinoid and alter the way that it functions in the body. CBD vape oils contain less ingredients and have no other products that will interfere with the CBD.

Customized Dosing

For the most part, CBD products do a good job of telling their users how much CBD is in a product. What is near impossible, however, is using the product in such a way that you can customize your dosage. With CBD vape oil, it is much easier to dose your oil properly so that you get the amount of CBD you need each and every time.

Side Effects of Vaping CBD Oil

Although vaping is much safer, there are still some side effects that may be experienced when you are vaping CBD oil. Here are some of the most common side effects that people complain about when they are vaping CBD oil.

Irritation in Your Throat

Vaping can still cause irritation as you are inhaling hot vapor directly into the lungs and some substances may cause a burn that is overall undesirable. Some people experience this kind of irritation when they are vaping CBD oil and this may be something that you could deal with when you begin vaping as well.

Reduced Appetite

Although this is not necessarily an altogether undesirable side effect, this is something that many experience as this is often a benefit experienced by those who use CBD. However, this can be an issue if you have an issue gaining weight or have rapid weight loss problems.


Vape oils come with their fair share of mystery and there are some questions that arise regarding the manufacturing of the substance. Let’s tackle those questions now.

What's in Vape Oils or Vape Cartridges?

The good news is that there are very few ingredients that go into the production of vape oil and each of these ingredients is safe to vaporize. The most important ingredient is the CBD oil, which is typically a pure extract containing only CBD. Next, there are one of two types of oils that are added to the solution, which could be vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, both of which are clear, viscous substances that help to make the oil more solid so that it holds up inside of the cartridge. After these substances are added, there is typically the addition of some water, some food flavoring, and some food coloring that help to color and flavor the substance. However, this may not be necessary for CBD vape oil.

CBD vape oil is the perfect solution for those who are wanting to try out CBD and who want fast relief and an easy to use disbursement method. However, jumping straight into vaping can be a concern for some. If you have any questions regarding this process, the article above should clear up any and all issues you may have so that you can safely begin to use CBD vape oil.

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