CBD Pills & Capsules

Many people who hear about CBD try it and experience a great relief. Even the FDA approved a CBD drug for seziures called Epidiolex. 

In addition, there are now numerous different ways for a person to enjoy the amazing benefits of this plant-derived compound. Some are smoking, vaporizing, placing tincture oil directly in your mouth, sprinkling it on your food or dropping it into a beverage or, eating foods infused with CBD.

However, many people find smoking or vaporizing CBD oil to be excessively time consuming and placing the oil directly into their mouth or sprinkling it on their food or dropping it into a beverage to be unpalatable. However, the extremely fast pace of many people’s lives these days sometimes makes even this method of consuming CBD to be inconvenient. Some manufactures are now offering CBD contained in capsules.

What are CBD Pills and Capsules?

When manufacturing pharmaceuticals, the term “encapsulation” refers to a relatively stable shell known as a capsule which can be filled with various powders which enables the medicine to be easily swallowed.

Also, there are two main types of capsules consisting of hard-shell capsules which contain dry, powdered, ingredients or miniature pellets and, soft-shell capsules (aka “gel capsules”) which are primarily used to contain oils or active ingredients that are dissolved or suspended in oil.

In addition, both types of capsules are made from aqueous solutions of gelling agents, such as animal protein (mainly gelatin) or plant polysaccharides or their derivatives (such as carrageenans) and modified forms of starch and cellulose.

Therefore, because CBD is most commonly extracted from the Cannabis plant and, because the extract forms an oil, it can be easily encapsulated inside of a gelatin capsule but, is not easily infused into a pill.

How do CBD Capsules Differ from CBD Oil?

As mentioned above, because the CBD extracted from cannabis takes the form of an oil, the oil contained in CBD capsules is the same as the oil commonly sold in bottles. Thus, there is no difference between the two products other than their packaging and the way that they are ingested.

For instance, CBD oils are commonly either placed on or below the tongue or, sprinkled onto foods or, dropped in beverages. Whereas, because the CBD oil contained in CBD capsules is encapsulate inside of a gelatin capsule, the capsule can simply be swallowed whole without the user having to endure the taste of the CBD oil which some people find unpleasant.

What is CBD?

CBD (aka Cannabidiol) is a Cannabinoid that is produced naturally by the human body and is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the human Endocannabinoid System. Consisting of a combination of 21 Carbon atoms, 30 Hydrogen atoms and, 2 Oxygen atoms which form a complex molecule, CBD has a unique shape that enables it to mate with certain endocannabinoid receptors throughout the human body and the brain.

Consequently, CBD has been found to interact with a variety of different biological targets within the human body and the brain such as cannabinoid receptors and other neurotransmitter receptors to moderate sever pain, alleviate migraine headaches, alleviate nausea, halt epileptic seizures, and even prevent the onset of cancer as well as providing a cure for cancerous tumors.

However, the CBD molecule is also produced by a few plant species and is produced in great abundance by all four species of the Cannabacea Cannabis (aka Marijuana) plant. But, despite the fact that Cannabidiol is produced alongside THC in the Cannabis plant, CBD has no inherent psychoactive properties and thus, it does not produce any of the cognitive or perceptual effects associated with THC.


Benefits of CBD Capsules

There is arguably no simpler way to get your daily dose of CBD than taking a CBD capsule since all you need to do is simply swallow the capsule with a swig of water or your favorite beverage.

Then, once you swallow the capsule, the CBD oil capsule is dissolved by your digestive system where it is then broken down in your liver and then delivered to your bloodstream.

Thus, many people who use CBD to alleviate the symptoms of their various medical conditions find that there are numerous benefits to taking CBD capsules instead of CBD oil. For instance:

Easy scheduling

If you are one of those people who likes to place all of your daily medicines in a plastic container with small compartments for each day’s medication, then CBD capsules enable you to place your daily dose of CBD in the same container as your other medications for easy scheduling.

No measurement required

Unlike CBD oil contained in bottles, CBD capsules contain a pre-measured dose of CBD oil and thus, determining the correct dose of CBD oil is easier when taking CBD capsules than it is when taking CBD oil directly from a bottle because all the user has to do is determine how many capsules to take.

CBD capsules are easier to transport

Although CBD oil is commonly packaged in small bottles, it is inconvenient to remove small portions of the oil from the bottle and place it in a second container. Therefore, CBD capsules are a far more convenient way to carry individual doses of CBD oil because one or more capsules can easily be placed in a very small container.

CBD capsules are more discreet

CBD capsules are also far more discreet to consume than CBD oil because the capsules are small and the individual capsules are not labeled as containing CBD oil. On the other hand, CBD oil contained in small bottles is clearly labeled as containing CBD oil and placing drops of the oil on your tongue or on your food or in a beverage is far more obvious to casual observers than swallowing a capsule or two.

CBD capsules are easier to swallow

Some people find the taste of CBD oils to be unpleasant when placed on their tongue as well as when placed on food or in beverages. Therefore, because CBD oil capsules encapsulate the oil within the capsule, the oil never touches the tongue because the capsule does not dissolve and release the oil until it reaches the stomach.

CBD capsules provide better absorption

Because CBD oil capsules encapsulate the CBD oil until it reaches the stomach, capsules enable quicker absorption of the oil because it is immediately digested by the stomach acids and absorbed by the stomach lining where it is then sent to the liver for delivery to the bloodstream.


So, even though CBD oil is not yet legal in all 50 states even when it is extracted from the Hemp species of the cannabis plant, it can still be purchased in many states which presently ban the sale of cannabis.

In addition, many people find that taking CBD oil capsules is the simplest and most convenient method of consuming CBD oil because taking a CBD oil capsule is both more discreet and easier to swallow than CBD oil. Also, CBD capsules contain a pre-measured dosage, are absorbed more easily and, are easier to transport.

Thus, if you or someone you know takes CBD oil, then you might want to consider taking it in the form of capsules.

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