CBD Isolate

CBD products are showing up everywhere. With such a vast amount of products to choose from, it can be difficult to truly learn about what you are taking or if you could be getting something more effective than your current product. This is an obvious concern for current CBD users and it’s something that often comes into question when they're seeking out the right product for their needs. In this article, we are going to talk about CBD isolate and how it differs from some of the other CBD products that you are used to seeing.

What Are CBD Isolates?

CBD isolates are exactly what they sound like, isolated CBD. CBD is usually extracted from the hemp plant. From that, many other cannabinoids and plant manner is found in the plant. For some, this can be an advantage and they may be looking to combine the CBD with some of the other cannabinoid that can be found in hemp.

Some people just specifically want CBD to be the only active ingredient. Depending on the cannabinoid, your CBD may just be stronger if it's isolated. In response to these types of concerns, isolate CBD has been produced. It is usually a crystallized powdery form of the substance that contains approximately 99.9 percent CBD with no other cannabinoid. If you’re looking to improve your CBD experience, be sure that you know exactly what is in your product. CBD crystal isolate may be the way to go.

How Is It Made?

The production process of CBD isolate begins with the growth of specific strains of hemp that are known to contain high levels of CBD. Once the hemp plants have matured, the plant is then harvested. They then go through an extraction processes.

CBD byproducts are used in various products for those who are attempting to receive the benefits that CBD has to offer. However, isolate CBD requires an additional process that isolates the substance known as winterization. In winterization, CBD is cooled down so that all of the other waxes and other materials fall away from the CBD. The finished product is the isolate, which can then be turned into a solid form or crushed for different application methods.

Why Isolate CBD?

In general, users want CBD isolated because they believe it to be a purer form of the substance, which is technically true. When isolated crystal CBD from other substances that can be found in the hemp plant, CBD will be the only thing that you will be consuming. This is beneficial for those who are looking to experience the benefits of it and who want to know exactly what it is that they’re taking. This is also a beneficial process for those who may be allergic to certain substances.

This is also beneficial to people who live in a state where THC is still illegal since CBD crystal isolate will remove any possibility of THC sneaking into the substance. This means in the possible event of a drug test, no THC will show up in your urine or blood sample.

Benefits of Isolates

Many are familiar with the potential benefits of CBD but many may be further confused by the increased purity of the isolate. Here are some benefits:

Quicker Consumption

Because of its improved form, CBD isolate is very simple to take. Although oil isn’t necessarily difficult to use, it is just as easy, if not easier to use whenever you feel as though you are in need of it. Since most of them come in the powder form, you can use that powder for cooking, tincture oils, as a skin product and much more.

Better Absorption

As we stated above, CBD isolate contains the highest purity of any CBD substance. It is turned into an easy-to-use form that goes into the system easily in any form. Due to this increase, CBD is better absorbed into the system and takes action quickly. However, there isn’t a dangerous improvement in absorption that could pose potential health risks when used in place of other CBD products, which can be a common concern among new users.

Focused Cannabinoid Benefit

When regular CBD products are used, the other substances contained within those products interact with the CBD to accomplish different things. For some, this is what they would like to experience when they are taking CBD products and they may enjoy the way that certain byproducts of hemp react with each other. This is called the Entourage Effect. Others, however, may only want CBD and may find some of the other substances undesirable. When using CBD isolate, users will experience focused CBD benefits and the benefits that come with using it on its own.

Do CBD Isolates Work Better?

Many people often compare isolates to full spectrum. There can be some varying differences between the two but of course, people want potency. So naturally, people are inclined to wonder, does isolate Cannabidiol work better than full spectrum?

Yes and no. Depending on what you want to use it for, it may be beneficial but enough studies haven't been done to discuss why. One thing that is certain is that since isolates have already been decarboxylated, there is no need to vape or smoke it. You can simply ingest it. However, it's much more versatile than any other form.

How to Use Isolate CBD

Despite being produced in a different way, CBD isolate is just as versatile as its mixed counterpart and can be used in a variety of different application methods. For those who are looking to acquire and use some of their own CBD isolate, here are some different ways in which you can utilize your isolate.

Cooking or Mix With Edibles

Most CBD products are made ready to go. For example, there are plenty of products out there that already come in an edible form. However, these products are limited to the dosage that you get when you purchase your edibles. Since isolates come in a powder form, it’s very easy to mix it into your cooking or come up with your own edible products that you dose specifically for you. If you are a fan of cooking or making edibles but weren’t previously able to because of the lack of access, CBD isolate will give you the ability to make your own products.

Mix with Lotion

While CBD lotions currently exist, you may not be in love with the different products that are currently offered. You may even have specific allergies that are commonly added to lotion products and are only able to use certain products. If this is the case for you, you can easily add CBD to your current lotion product to provide similar benefits. Simply place the CBD into your current lotion and mix it around until it is fully mixed or melted down. Add it to the lotion so that it fully combines with the lotion. Then, all you have to do is apply the lotion as you normally would and the CBD will soak into the affected area to provide you with the benefits that you are seeking to experience.

Smoke, Vape or Dab It

Vaping is one of the most beneficial ways that you can take CBD. The vapor or smoke that is produced by the substance is taken into the lungs and quickly spreads throughout the body. It providing widespread relief in a short amount of time because it absorbs into your blood stream quicker. CBD isolate is just as easy to smoke as regular products. If you are looking to smoke or vape it, you can add the crushed powder into your pipe or sprinkle it into your vaporizer chamber to turn it into an instant e-juice.

Unlike some other forms, CBD isolate provides you with another vaporization option, dabbing. To give you a quick rundown of what this is, let’s take a look at THC. THC typically comes in three forms, herbal, oil, and wax. Wax concentrates are extremely pure forms of THC that are quickly absorbed when they are dabbed. This is a process in which the wax is placed into a dab rig and vaporized using an extreme heating method. CBD can be used in the same form when manufacturers create a wax concentrate form of the substance. This can then be added to a dab rig or dab pen and used for those who want fast, high levels of CBD.

Make Your Own Tincture

There are so many tincture oils out there for CBD that it would be hard to find a product that you are not fond of. There is one thing that these products lack: customization. When you go out to purchase a CBD tincture oil, you are limited to only what the market is currently offering. For those who are big users of oil, this can be especially frustrating. The good news is that since CBD isolate can be melted and contains very high levels of CBD, you can mix it with other oils and remain assured that you are still only taking that substance. For example, you can choose to add other oils such as almond or lemon to enhance the benefits of the CBD. This can add additional benefits that it may not be able to provide but that other oils can. 


You can use isolates on a pet as you would on yourself. You can get a little bit and sprinkle it over their food or snack.Since CBD is not water soluble and loves to stick to fatty foods. If your dog will like to eat it as is, you can just give it to them raw. Make sure to dose it correctly because pets like dogs and cats are smaller than human. This means they would require a lot more.


CBD isolate is an enhanced product that contains only CBD in its purest form. Although it can be daunting, there is nothing bad that comes with using this. It may be able to provide you with improved benefits that you can’t find in typical CBD products.

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