510 Thread and Dab Pen Battery

When it comes to vaping, we owe all of our appreciation to the small but mighty batteries that heat up our substances. Although we don’t typically think about it, the bottom sections of our vape pens are the source of power that turn the contents into a vapor. It is important to learn more about these 510 thread batteries to improve our vape experience and understand how it all works.

If you are new to vaping products and want to gain further insight into what batteries may work for your tank and how they function, let’s take a closer look at common batteries utilized in vape technology today. 


What Is a 510 Thread Battery? 

A 510 thread battery is one of the most common terms when vaporizer batteries are discussed but can be a source of confusion for new vape enthusiasts. The 510 thread battery refers to the 0.5 millimeter threading that was used for some of the first cartridges, which makes it, traditionally, a cartridge battery. If you use e-liquid or oil cartridges, you are most likely going to be looking for a 510 thread battery as there are very few of these batteries that are customized for specific cartridges, a characteristic that makes the oil pen battery very versatile. 510 threading connection on a battery and vape tank are actually known to be universal because they work on so many different types.


What is a Dab Pen Battery? 

A dab pen battery is a battery designed specifically for atomizers that use wax concentrates. These batteries need to be able to heat up to much higher temperatures than their e-liquid counterparts as they will have to melt down concentrates, much like the way you heat a dab rig to take a hit. A wax pen battery may be usable with other atomizers but are typically best suited for the product they are created for. 



Although these products may look rather simple, there is a lot going on inside that you can’t see but is vital to your vape sessions. Here are some of the features that you will need to pay attention to when you are looking for a 510 thread or dab battery. 

Button Vs Buttonless

Often a matter of preference, some oil pen batteries will be draw activated and require no button while others will have a button to activate vape draws. Some vaporizers may also have a button to help you cycle through various temperatures. Others will let you know when your device’s activity and power level via an LED light. While this boils down to functionality and style, these are things to take into consideration when looking for the right 510 thread battery. 

Variable Voltage

Although we hear about experimenting with substances in regards to flavor when it comes to herbs or concentrates, heat is just as important in liquids and oils. Rather than temperatures, these voltages provide different heat levels and variable voltage gives you a range of voltages rather than having just one choice.

This is especially important as heat that is too high can burn the wicks and other parts within your product. It can also give off a burnt taste. Make sure to look into the voltage of your desired product before you purchase it and exercise caution with high temperatures when you are taking hits from your product. 

Capacity (mAh) 

Capacity simply refers to the overall dab pen battery power. The higher your capacity in mAh, which will typically range anywhere from 280 mAh to 3200 mAh, the longer your battery is going to last and the more draws you are going to get out of your vaporizer. That said, the voltage of your device is something else you will need to pay attention to when you are looking at the capacity of your 510 thread battery. Even though you may have a high capacity, this can easily be countered by high voltages. Look at both your capacity and your voltage when you shop for a vape pen. 



When you explain how a 510 thread battery functions, it is relatively easy to understand each of the components and functions of your dab pen battery. However, there are still some features that may be confusing, even after having them explained. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have about vape batteries. 

What Are Voltages? 

Voltages can be confusing because they can often be a foreign term if you are used to seeing temperatures on vaporizers. To simplify the concept, think of voltages as temperatures. Lower voltages will provide just enough heat for your device to function while higher voltages will provide more heat for your device. Like with most heat sources, there are benefits with certain voltages so it is important to understand higher and lower voltages mean for your device and for your vaping experience. Each substance you vape will require it's own voltage.

Despite their bare bodies, 510 threading batteries have a lot going on inside of them that serve to provide you with the vapor that you love. Each of these functionalities brings a benefit to the device that can make or break your vaping sessions. If you want to have the best results possible, take the time to learn more about your oil pen battery using the guide above!