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The MiniMax FOB by HoneyStick is a portable vaporizer that takes stealthy vaping to a new level. The MiniMax FOB looks simply like a normal auto key, yet disguised inside its strong lightweight shell it holds an intense 500mAh battery.

This undetectable design empowers you to cautiously vape your most loved pre-filled 510 string cartridges, and the MiniMax FOB is perfect with 99.9% of pre-filled tanks presently available in stores. The tank is excluded with your purchase, this must be requested independently.

The simple single button control with 2 second warm up time makes it simple to use and ensure quick shot while out in the town. Just attach the auto key style vaporizer to your key-chain or belt and convey it with you wherever you go, undetected! The vaporizer additionally has a locking component and automatic timeout function for safety. The dark body is designed with a red MiniMax logo.

The MiniMax FOB comes stuffed in a protective box with a small USB charging cord that allows you to effectively charge the gadget from pretty much anyplace. The MiniMax FOB is compact amongst the most smaller and stealthy vaporizers available that features a 4V output level for nice vapor production.

Minimax Design

The best part about the Minimax is its size. The Minimax is a tiny device. Sizewise, it's extensively shorter than an average e-cigarette and somewhat smaller than the iNano Solo or My Von Erl electronic cigarette.

The e-cigarette effectively fits into your hand when getting a vape on the sly and can be matched with any standard cartomizer or atomizer. Strangely, it additionally matches very well with a cartomizer tank — however I would suggest a solitary coil cartomizer over a double coil for this situation.

The overall plan of the Minimax is simplicity itself. The gadget is genuinely lightweight which shows it's probably developed from lightweight strong materials. The top of the gadget has a 510 connector, while the base has a keychain lock on it.

Minimax Performance

This isn't even starnge to the Minimax, yet a potential issue with most automatic e-cigarette batteries. The tanks can spill while the keychain is sitting upright dumping e-fluid straight down the hole in the atomizer connector on the keychain.

6 Temperature Heat Settings and How to Use

Furnished with six improved heat settings (360°F – 420°F), for that different vaping experience. It likewise incorporates two diverse mouthpiece option; stainless steel and silicone for your vaping preference

To Turn it On press the power catch ('trunk open symbol') quickly 5 times (two LED lights will Turn On).While the FOB Vaporizer is warming up the two LED lights flashes. The "lock" and "open" symbol are utilized to interchange from 6 preheated settings of FOB Vaporizer.


Assembling quality of the FOB is as nice as you could anticipate from such a little gadget. This convection-style vaporizer has a stainless steel warming chamber which is base stacking magnectic oven holds into place really well.

The hole of the charger is near the warming chamber, so try not to overpack your bowl or you may have some sad spillage. The FOB accompanies both stainless steel and silicone mouthpieces, yet them two wind up getting very warm when in use, a typical dilemma of such little vapes.


6 warm settings is truly good for a vape this little. The initial couple of draws ought to get some entirely conventional flavor, if not especially enormous clouds. Ensuing draws get more strong, yet then vapor certainly gets harsher on the higher settings, as there is very little airflow to disseminate.

The silicon mouthpiece is like that of the DaVinci Ascent, and didn't give any extra undesirable flavor. Or, then again you can simply hit it straight out of the mouthpiece opening, however Vaped doesn't generally prescribe this because of how hot the unit gets all in all. Generally speaking, vapor quality was quite good with the FOB, and you can go anyplace from 7 to 10 sessions out of the battery.