CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Cannabis Oil

There is a ton of content being produced regarding the benefits of CBD. This is leading many to take action and go in search of their own products that will help them with specific health issues they may be dealing with. Unfortunately, there are quite a few products out there that will resemble CBD oil products and confuse or mislead customers into purchasing them. This usually happens on public marketplaces like eBay or Amazon or even where CBD is restricted.

The truth is that there are a variety of different oil extracts that come from the cannabis plant that each provide their own unique benefits and effects. To better understand the major differences between these products, here is a guide that will discuss the separation between three main oils: CBD oil, hemp oil, and cannabis oil.

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What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. When certain parts of the cannabis plant are isolated and put through processes that seek to separate the different cannabinoids or other active ingredients, the cannabinoids found within these parts can be extracted into an oil that only includes the substances needed. This process is called winterization. In this case, the result is CBD oil.

CBD oil can be mixed with other cannabinoids but is frequently used on its own to experience the desired benefits. The most commonly used part of the cannabis or hemp plant that are used to create CBD oil include the buds or the flowers of the plant, the leaves, and the stalks. This is due to the higher concentrations of cannabidiol found in these sections. This oil can then be applied in a variety of different solutions and mediums so that the user can use it more efficiently. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

While research is scarce and there is no definitive evidence that CBD oil can actually perform as many claim, there are plenty of users out there that have said that CBD has helped them to treat different medical issues. Beyond that, there are also other benefits that CBD is said to have. Here are some of the most notable benefits of this substance.

  • CBD oil is extremely versatile and can be used in whatever way the user wants most. Whether they want to ingest it as an oil or baked good, vaporize their CBD, or rub the CBD directly onto the parts of the body that they are attempting to treat, you can find CBD in all of these forms.
  • Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD does not have any psychoactive properties. 
  • CBD oil acts as a natural treatment method for a vast amount of medical issues. As we stated above, there is no absolute FDA evidence to support the claims made as to what CBD is said to be able to treat. However, for those who are unhappy with the side effects of their current medication or who are looking to supplement their current treatment plan with a natural treatment option, CBD oil may be the next place that you will want to look.
  • The one illness that it has been proven to be helpful in is epilepsy, especially in the case of children who have extremely rare forms of the condition. If you are searching for a natural course of medication for your child that will assist in alleviating the symptoms of their disease, a medication that utilizes CBD does currently exist that is backed by the FDA.
  • Although it has even less research than the amount that currently exists for humans, it is said that CBD oil can be beneficial in treating the same kinds of conditions in canines. This application may become something that we can use for more animals in the future.

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How Does It Work?

Inside of our bodies, there is a system of receptors that encompasses all of the body’s nerves and tissues known as the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is designed to help the body achieve homeostasis, or regulation of all of the processes that important to the body. In order to achieve this, the body produces chemical compounds known as endocannabinoids.

These endocannabinoids are released into the body and attach to certain receptors in order to achieve the desired results. When the body is overcome with a certain disease or illness, the body can’t properly utilize the system. This process doesn’t work as well as it is supposed to. External endocannabinoids, such as CBD, can be used to restore the balance of the endocannabinoid system so that the systems can return to normal. 

What is Hemp Oil?

This is one of the most common issues that will occur when shopping around for CBD oil. People will automatically see the word “hemp” in front of oil and think that that is the product that they are looking for. Although hemp oil does have its fair share of benefits, they are not the same product.

Hemp oil is still derived from the hemp plant but is produced by extracting the oil from the seeds of the plant in a process known as pressing. This is the same process used in extracting the oils from other major plants. Hemp oil contains fewer cannabinoids and is used for purposes that differ from other oils produced by the hemp plant.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, although it may not be something you may be interested in if you are only seeking the psychoactive or medicinal properties of cannabis oils, comes packed with quite a few benefits. Here are some of the most notable benefits associated with hemp oil.

  • If you are in need of oils for cooking, the good news is that hemp oil is great for this purpose. Hemp oil is full of nutrients and has a very unique taste that is often described as “nutty”. This makes it perfect for those who need that flavor in their cooking or even in other foods such as salads.
  • Coconut oil is all the rage when it comes to moisturizing your body but did you know that hemp oil works just as well? Hemp oil works great for those with dry skin. It can replace some of those harsher lotions and moisturizers that end up stripping you of your natural oils or adding harmful chemicals in their place.
  • When it comes to the environment, hemp oil has an unlimited number of uses. For example, hemp oil can be used in the production of plastics and replace petroleum. It can be used to create paints that are less harmful to the environment, and can even be used as a fuel source. Overall, hemp oil may be the solution to several of the environmental issues that we face today.


What is Cannabis Oil?

Finally, we reach the third and final well-known oil: cannabis oil. Cannabis oil, like all of the other oils listed here, is derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike the other options, cannabis oil tends to have higher concentrations of THC.

Cannabis or THC oils are perfect for those who are looking to receive the psychoactive effects of THC. They are usually trying to get the medical or recreational benefits of THC. THC is heavily concentrated in the buds of the hemp plant. The oil is derived from this location and then filtered of any other cannabinoids that are not meant to be included in the oil.


When it comes to the different kinds of oils available, there are a lot of questions that come up frequently regarding their oils. Here are some of the most asked questions along with their answers.

Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

As you may have already noticed, there are plenty of differences between CBD and hemp oil. One of the biggest differences is the concentration of different cannabinoids within the oil.

Cannabidiol oil obviously has a large concentration of cannabidiol and only cannabidiol. Hemp oil, on the other hand, contains all of the oils produced by the hemp plant but contains almost nonexistent traces of cannabinoids.

Another major difference lies in which parts of the plants are utilized to create the oils. CBD oil is produced from the parts of the plant while hemp oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Additionally, hemp oil has very little health benefits and more practical applications while CBD is advertised for its supposed medical uses.

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What's the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect, in terms of cannabis compounds is that the cannabinoids together may be better utilized when multiple active ingredients of the parts of the plant are ingested rather than isolated and then used. For example, CBD oil is typically just CBD isolate, which means that the only ingredient you are getting in your oil is the CBD.

Some studies state that it is better to include all ingredients, which will allow them to interact with each other and amplify their effects so that you get more benefits out of your cannabis-derived substance.

When you first begin shopping around for oils, things may get a little hectic and confusing. What’s worse, purchasing the wrong product can lead to undesired results or no results at all.

If you’re trying to avoid this entirely but are not sure what oils you are looking for, this short guide will help you to differentiate the various oils so that you will be better prepared when you begin shopping around.


These statements have not evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Always check with your physician or medical provider before starting a new dietary supplement program.