CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Ease the Period Pains

CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Ease the Period Pains

Many users who research CBD take note that it is a chemical compound that could potentially help them ease their pain. However, easing pain isn’t as always as simple as taking a substance and getting relief in response to the product. Pain comes in a variety of different intensities. While some pain may be easy to alleviate, other forms of pain can be extremely painful. One such example of these types of pains that vary in intensity and range from mild to severe is menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps can often be the cause of much discomfort. Sometimes it is to the point that some women who experience them have to lie in bed and wait them out until they feel well enough to move around again. With this in mind, the good news is that CBD may be able to interrupt menstrual cramps and pain. Here is the reason why and how you can use CBD for your own menstrual cramps.

What Are Premenstrual Pains?

The menstrual cycle is a natural, monthly process that helps a woman get rid of her unfertilized egg so that she can prepare for the next one. Much like the cycle itself is natural, pain and discomfort often accompany this cycle. Having painful period pains actually has a medical term: dysmenorrhea. Those who experience pain during their periods will generally deal with a cramping, throbbing type of pain that happens in the lower abdominal area. Along with these cramps, you may also deal with other types of pains like headaches and lower back pain. Overall, there are several areas that you may feel are in pain while you are dealing with your period.

It’s important to note here that there is a difference between the cramps that you experience during your period and some of the pains that accompany premenstrual syndrome, otherwise known as PMS. PMS is a collection of symptoms that some women may experience up to a week before their actual period but can be almost as bad as going through the period itself.

While you may encounter cramps when dealing with PMS, there are other pains such as tender and swollen breasts, headaches, and backaches. Each of these conditions can be uncomfortable, especially if you have to deal with one after the other.

Now that we know what you may be dealing with during your period and during the period preceding your period, let’s take a look at some of the causes behind these pains.

Causes of Menstruation

The main cause of period pains is actually a natural response to the cycle itself. The purpose of the natural cycle is to get rid of the unfertilized egg that is buried in the lining of the uterus. In order to do this, the uterus must contract to help get this thickened blood off of the walls of itself. The hormone that is responsible for making these contractions happen, prostaglandin, causes pain and inflammation in order to trigger the contractions. It also helps get rid of the blood and the egg. This is why you experience pain when you are dealing with your period. A higher-level of prostaglandins are responsible for the painful period cramps that some women experience during their cycle.

Besides this natural cause, there are also several other reasons why you may be experiencing period cramps. Here are some of the other possibilities for period pain.


This occurs when uterine tissue forms outside of the uterus and most commonly on other parts of the female reproductive system.

Uterine fibroids

Benign growths that form on the wall of the uterus and are known to cause pain.


When the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus begins to grow into the wall of the uterus.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

An infection of the female reproductive organs that occurs as a result of sexually transmitted bacteria.

Cervical stenosis

A condition in which a woman’s cervix is very small and slows down their period, resulting in pressure and pain.

    Normal period pains can be a problem that doesn't seem to pose much risk. It's always important to get yourself checked if you feel as though your period pains are extreme to make sure that you are not suffering from any of the additional diseases or conditions listed above.

    CBD Relieves Period Pains for Women


    Besides the painful aspects of the period, there are other undesirable symptoms that appear with the monthly cycle. Here are some of the most common that women have to deal with when they are on their period or dealing with PMS.

    Stomach Pains

    Stomach pains are relatively broad symptoms when it comes to period indicators. There are a variety of different factors that could be the driving force behind this major issue. While stomach pains may simply be a result of the period cramps that you are dealing with, they may also be due to other problems. Some are diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. Regardless of the reason behind them, stomach pains may often be experienced with the period.


    Cramps are normal during periods. Without cramps, you wouldn’t be able to clear the uterus of the blood that has built up as well as the unfertilized egg that you have. Depending on the number of hormones that you produce during your period, you may experience very little cramping or you may cramp for most of the time that you are on your period. It is important that you make sure you are only dealing with normal cramps and seek relief if necessary so that you can carry on through your day.


    Inflammation is a natural side effect of the hormone prostaglandin and this inflammation will occur in the uterus. Besides this inflammation, you may also experience inflammation in the form of joint pain, acne, painful, swelling breasts, and other symptoms that occur during the menstrual cycle. Overall, the entire body can feel inflamed and you will most likely need to seek out some form of relief to move around comfortably.


    As if the entire period process wasn’t already bad enough, nausea is often experienced on top of it. The reason why some women may feel nauseous during their period is due to the influx of hormones that are released during the process, one of them being prostaglandin. In addition, the menstrual cramps that you feel during your period could contribute to the nauseous feeling as well.

    Mood Swings

    Speaking of hormones, it’s no surprise that many women deal with emotional changes and other related issues as they go through their period due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur. This means you can be happy for one moment, sad the next, and then quickly change to sad the next. While this shouldn’t be too much of a cause for concern, it is important to keep tabs on your overall emotional state in case you begin to develop a mental health issue as a result of the emotional changes.

    CBD and Menstrual Cramps

    Benefits of CBD for Menstrual Cramps

    Before we begin this section, it is important to state that there is no definitive evidence as to whether or not CBD actually affects the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. However, we have a lot of customers that report back to us about Cannabidiol being a giant help to them for menstrual pains. Don't take their word for it, check all the Youtube videos!

    While the scientific and medical communities are seeking to study the potential benefits of the substance. Also, many users and customers have endorsed the chemical for health uses. All the benefits described towards CBD for period pains are anecdotal evidence. There is no certainty as to whether or not CBD could help you with your menstrual cramps.

    That being said, CBD is said to be helpful for many different reasons and there are some studies to back it up. In terms of menstrual cramps, CBD would most likely be effective due to its supposed anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Both of these benefits would help to reduce the overall inflammation felt in the uterus and alleviate some of the pain that accompanies the cramping. Should you choose to use CBD, this is what you may experience when you begin using the substance for your menstrual cramps.

    Consume CBD for Menstruation

    We can discuss some of the best ways that you can take the substance so that you are able to quickly and effectively introduce it to your body. If you have gotten this far and are considering CBD as a potential help option, here are some of the ways that you may want to take it.

    Tincture Oils

    CBD tincture oils are oils that are taken sublingually and are quickly absorbed into the body. These fast-acting substances are very simple to use and will often include a dropper so that you can administer the drops anywhere. While CBD extract typically has a bitter taste, many manufacturers mix their oil extracts with different flavors to help provide a more pleasurable experience. If you want something that is quick, easy, and enjoyable, you are going to want to purchase tincture oils for your personal needs.


    Yet another quick delivery method, vaping your CBD provides you with an even more portable option. While vaping is still an act that carries some judgment in our society, it is a better alternative to smoking. There are two types of ways that you can vape CBD: with a vaporizer or with a dab rig.

    Vaporizers are generally small devices that heat up CBD oils to such a point that the oil is vaporized and the active ingredients are carried in this form through the mouthpiece. You can also vape the dry herbs of the plant.

    With a dab rig, CBD concentrates, which are much stronger forms of the substance, are heated and melted down into vapor that is carried throughout the device. It is then cooled down before it reaches the user. Both methods are effective and produce similar experiences.


    Although they are not the quickest forms of delivery methods, CBD edibles are definitely delicious and do the job well. Edibles are different types of foods and treats that have had the substance baked into the product so that the user can eat it instead of having to use other methods. This type of CBD is perfect for women who have cravings during their period and who want to alleviate their pain at the same time that they satisfy those cravings. However, it is necessary to know that edibles can take a little longer to kick in as they must pass through the digestive system rather than directly into the bloodstream.


    Menstrual cramps are an unfortunate side effect of the period but for some women, they can be nearly impossible to power through. If you are a woman who has fairly severe menstrual cramps and are looking to ease their pain naturally, CBD may be the answer that you have been looking for.