10 Observations from Taking Hemp Oil Everyday

10 Observations from Taking Hemp Oil Everyday

Despite the mass amount of users that CBD has managed to attract, there is still very little research to back most of the claims that those who endorse cannabidiol are making. Because of this, there is not a lot of backing from the FDA that can persuade potential users to begin taking the CBD as a treatment option for the health issues. That being said, there are a lot of people out there who endorse the substance as a natural remedy for health issues. There are some anectodal evidence for those who do believe in the experiences of others. Here are ten observations from taking hemp oil every day that users or customers have reported. 

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How CBD Can Possibly Help

According to those who actively use CBD and some experts in the field, there are quite a few benefits that come with taking CBD. For those who have taken CBD on a regular basis, here are some of the benefits that have been experienced.

1. Improved Focus

Although it’s often buried beneath some of the other benefits listed for CBD use, the improved focus has been noticed by some users. They found it much easier to engage in mental tasks that were normally demanding prior to CBD use. This can be associated with two of its related properties. The ability to help with symptoms of ADD and ADHD and the relaxing benefits that are normally experienced for most users. Whether it is a decrease in stress and anxiety that results in a better ability to focus on a task without having to think about other things that must be done or an improvement in focus due to nootropic properties as a whole. The ability to focus better compared to normal function is said to be one of the benefits that were noticed when people have done their own studies.

2. Better Sleep

Unlike the previous mention, it doesn’t come as a surprise to users that taking CBD results in improved sleep in those who have used it regularly. Because of CBD's supposed relaxing properties, these have been said to assist in improved sleep by helping those with insomnia or nightmares calm down enough so that they can experience a better quality of sleep. It is even said to deepen sleep and make it so that people stay asleep throughout the night rather than waking up frequently and being unable to go back to bed. Those who have taken CBD noticed that they were able to sleep easier, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

3. Quicker Workout Recovery

It’s no secret that people get sore after workouts. While this soreness is a completely normal experience, it can be hard for people to continue working out and it may take days to recover to a point where they can begin to work out at their normal intensity. Those who have used CBD have said that they haven’t had as many issues recovering and feel much less sore the day after they use and are able to hit the gym with fewer issues afterward. The reason behind this may be that CBD is said to be a great remedy for those who are dealing with inflammation. This is a common problem with those who work out frequently and push themselves hard. The relaxing properties help to relax the muscles and provide a better sleep experience. It's another reason why CBD may be a great solution for those who suffer from severe soreness after a workout.

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4. Less Grogginess/Mind Fog

There’s nothing worse than feeling groggy and trying to get through the day. You aren’t capable of getting as much done as you would like and even if you attempt to power through it, you would much rather be doing something that would require less of your mental energy. Some of the users that take CBD say that it helps them to break through this state so that they are able to get back on track and breakthrough the grogginess. CBD is said to be able to boost energy and this applies to mental energy as well. If you’re feeling groggy, CBD may be able to help you kick the feeling and get back into gear.

5. Reduced Cravings

“Cravings” is a term that covers a variety of different substances. From food to drugs, there are a lot of people that struggle with cravings and are suffering negative side effects in their lives because of fo these cravings. To begin with, those who have used CBD have said that they no longer had to struggle with food cravings, especially when those cravings have to do with sugary or fattening foods.

Beyond simply food cravings, there are also those who struggle with things such as alcohol, cigarettes, and much harder drugs. Speaking to the ability to help with lighter substances like cigarettes and alcohol, users have said that CBD was the deciding factor in whether or not they reached for another cigarette or a bottle of beer. In addition, there are some studies that have said that CBD can be effective in assisting with withdrawal symptoms and helping users come off of certain substances.

6. Less Paranoia While Smoking Cannabis

Although this doesn’t apply to everyone, being paranoid when smoking cannabis is a very unenjoyable experience. This is especially true if you are smoking alone or if you are smoking in a place that you are not supposed to be smoking in. Those who use CBD prior to smoking have said that it has helped them to get into the proper headspace and eliminate the resulting paranoia. This can be attributed to the fact that CBD interferes with CB1 receptors in the brain, which are largely interactive with THC and produce the psychoactive effects. Without such a strong psychoactive effect, which can manifest as paranoia in some, you are able to enjoy your cannabis experience.

7. Less Anxious

Anxiety is an extremely common mental health issue and those who deal with it on a daily basis can truly struggle with the disorder. Anxiety makes you question everything and provides you with unhealthy amounts of stress that ruin your day from the moment you wake up to the moment that you go to bed. Besides the constant worrying, those who suffer from anxiety also have to deal with the negative impact of chronic stress. CBD is often recommended for anxious people as it can make you feel relaxed can calm down users so that they are not as stressed and anxious and those who use it regularly seem to have a positive experience with this substance.

8. Kept Me Positive

When you’re relaxed and you are not so focused on everything that you need to do at once or dealing with all of the stress that you typically have to deal with, you can begin enjoying life. Add that to the improved mental and physical energy that you receive from CBD and it is no wonder that many people have reported feeling more positive after using CBD on a daily basis. If you are having an issue with your positivity levels, CBD may be able to help you to get into a positive frame of mind.

9. Less Joint Pains Throughout the Day

Joint pain is a reality that comes with age. As we grow older, the wear and tear that we experience with life begin to catch up with us. The tissue between our bones starts to wear down, causing the bones to rub together and cause pain. Moving around with this pain can be unenjoyable at best and extremely painful at worst. Those who have severe joint pain find it hard to engage in everyday activities. If you can relate to this, there have been many individuals who have used CBD for their joint pains and have found that this has helped them move or feel less pain. This may be linked to the anti-inflammatory uses of CBD that are often cited in medical studies and user research.

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10. Overall Life Was Dramatically Improved

Overall, those who use CBD for any reason have noticed that their quality of life has improved as a whole. With the benefits above, it is obvious why many users have stated that CBD is life-changing and why they recommend it for others. Whether you are trying to tackle a specific issue listed above or online or you are just trying to take your life one step farther, those who use CBD highly recommend it for total life improvement.


These statements have not evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Always check with your physician or medical provider before starting a new dietary supplement program.