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Dry Herb Atomizer is your premium online vape shop established in 2012 that sells all your favorite devices from dry herb vaporizers, wax pens, e-nails all the way to 510 thread batteries.

Dry Herb Atomizer offers the highest quality vape pens.

Due to our established brand, we are authorized dealers for all the major vaporizer brands. This allows us to sell authentic vaporizers at the ultimate lowest prices.

The reason we have been around for so long with one of the highest returning customer rate is due to our customer service.

We stand behind our products like no one else.


Ordered a DaVinci Miqro but they didnt have the color I wanted. They told me and I said another color is ok. They made it up with a free grinder.. I thoguth that was cool

Jason Bretstein

When I first ordered, I was excited to be getting a new vape. When I get my dry herb vape order in (only took 2 days), I realized they had put a free gift in there too!! I love it"

Jessica Klumpt

I got my vape the next day after I ordered it and a coupon code for a discount... Will be back for another order soon ...Dope!

Jorge G.

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